Troubleshooting TECTRON™ Bare Electrodes


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Think and act in a safe manner. Always disconnect power and use a lockout before you work on the E-coat system, or any of the related subsystems. Observe any confined space conditions. Use the appropriate safety equipment and clothing for the task. Please carefully read all the instructions listed below to familiarize yourself with the project before attempting to perform any of the work.


Problems can arise at anytime. Please use this listing by first focusing on the left hand column, then moving to the middle column to further define the possible problem. Consider each one of these causes carefully. At this point, its time to move to your ED system and investigate each of the causes. Testing is sometimes necessary. It is good practice to try to isolate the most likely causes in order to reduce your testing. Finally, move to the right hand column to see the appropriate remedy.

Problem Possible Cause Remedies

Broken PVC Cap at Bottom of Holder.

  1. Dropping Electrode into Electrode Holder
  1. Replace Electrode Holder. Lower Electrode slowly into Electrode Holder. DO NOT DROP!

Paint Solids Build-up on outside of Electrode Holder in Zone 1 Cells.

  1. Reverse current flow in a multi-zone tank
  1. Add diodes to Zone 1 Cells and clean Electrode Holder as required.

Low Rectifier Current Output

  1. Loose bus bar or Electrode tab connections.
  2. Poor grounding contact.
  3. Fouled Electrode Holder/Electrode.
  4. Low paint conductivity.
  5. Rectifier problem.
  6. Low voltage.
  1. Tighten as required.
  2. Clean/replace contacts. Clean racks.
  3. Clean as required.
  4. Investigate.
  5. Investigate.
  6. Adjust as necessary.


Low Individual Cell Current Draw

  1. Loose connection.
  2. Corrosion at Electrode Tab.
  1. Compression washer should be flat.
  2. Use only stainless steel hardware.

Brown Sludge in Cell

  1. Usually iron oxide-type sludge.
  1. Clean off Electrode and Flush Electrode Holder

Cell Does Not Hang Straight.

  1. Strut channels off-set.
  1. Use shims between neck of Cell and strut channel as needed.






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