Extending Anode Cell Anolyte Supply PVC Tubing


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Think and act in a safe manner. Always disconnect power and use a lockout before you work on the E-coat system, or any of the related subsystems. Observe any confined space conditions. Use the appropriate safety equipment and clothing for the task. Please carefully read all the instructions listed below to familiarize yourself with the project before attempting to perform any of the work.

Required Materials

  • PVC clear glue
  • 12.7 (1/2”)) ID x 17.5 (0.6875”) OD PVC tubing
  • 9.5 (.375”) ID x 14.3 (.563) OD PVC tubing

    Required Tools

  • Matt Knife


    The Anode already has the Supply Line attached to it when it ships from the factory. There should be enough extra tubing to reach the Anolyte Supply Manifold. If this length is not long enough, then it will be necessary to lengthen the PVC tubing. Instead of using a hose barb union, this technique uses an external coupling approach. Hose barb unions have a small ID that increases the pressure required to deliver fluid to each Cell plus this restriction is a great place for biological growths to take hold and multiply.

    Step 1

    Cut a piece of 12.7 (1/2”) ID x 17.5 (0.6875”) OD PVC tubing (UFS PN 060002) 75 mm (3”) long and set it aside.

    Step 2

    Cut a piece of 9.5 (.375”) ID x 14.3 (.563) OD (UFS PN 060001) PVC tubing long enough to reach from the end of the original Supply tubing to the Supply Manifold plus another 300 mm (12”).

    Step 3

    Take the end of the original Supply tubing and apply PVC cement to the OD of the last 40 mm (1.5”). Quickly insert this halfway into the piece from Step 1. Inspect to make sure that there is no excess PVC cement on the ID of the Supply tubing. If so cut off the coupling and repeat the procedure.

    Step 4

    Repeat Step 4 with one of the ends of the extra Supply tubing from Step 2.

    Let dry for about 15 minutes and insert the remaining end over the valve/flow indicator on the Supply Manifold.

    Follow - up. Contact your sales and service engineer and request a change in length of the Supply tubing for you Cell. Please round up the distance from the top of the Cell to the Supply manifold to the nearest 300 mm (12”) (and also include the 300 mm (12”) of slack too).

    In some cases the proper size PVC tubing is not available and you will have to resort to Plan B, which is to use a Hose Mender.

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