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Think and act in a safe manner. Always disconnect power and use a lockout before you work on the E-coat system, or any of the related subsystems. Observe any confined space conditions. Use the appropriate safety equipment and clothing for the task. Please carefully read all the instructions listed below to familiarize yourself with the project before attempting to perform any of the work.

Required Materials

  • None

Required Tools

  • Hammer
  • Vice Grips


    Sometimes an Anode Tab can be bent if it has suffered shipping damage or is dropped before installation inside the Membrane Shell. If the Anode is stainless steel, the Tab is generally made from flat stock 316L or in some cases it is made from 316L round stock. If the Anode is made from a Precious Metal, the Tab is generally made from titanium flat stock. In most cases the Tab can be bent back into its proper position if no serious damage has occurred. The bending process is similar to “cold working” the metal. The bending action tends to strengthen the metal.

    1. Refer to your Getting Started Guide for the proper dimensions of your Anodes.
    2. Visually check the weld between the Tab and pipe (or Tube) portion of the Anode. Look for cracks, damaged weld joints, etc. Call UFS if any problems are found.
    3. Inspect the Cable Lead if it was pre-installed.
    4. If you suspect the damage was caused during shipping, contact your carrier and fill out the appropriate paperwork.
    5. Use a hammer and/or vise grips to bend the Tab back into its proper position.
    6. Use a clean cloth to clean any dirt or oils off the Anode.
    7. Inspect the Supply Tubing. (Skip this inspection step if you have a Bare Anode that does not have a PVC Supply Tube.)
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